Beloved hearts,

On March 18th, we experience the Virgo Full Moon, offering us an opportunity to go deep, deep within and to bring to “light” all the sub-personality aspects of ourselves still needing to be loved, seen, appreciated, embraced, and transcended through the Heart of Compassion and Love.

Leading up to this Full Moon in this last week, from March 13th, we experienced a full-halo CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) lasting nearly 12 hours. And Tuesday/Wednesday, we experienced 3 Class-M (Moderate) Solar Flares affecting us energetically and emotionally.

What many of us would have experienced is feeling very tired and lethargic and/or overwhelmed, as well as deep grief surfacing, for ourselves and for all that is occurring on the global stage. Additionally, anxiety and increased sensitivity surface, along with heightened intuition and the need to go deep within.

The blessings to these Solar Flares, as well as Crystalline Plasma Light rays is that we expand into higher states of Cosmic Christ Consciousness when we give ourselves “time” to sit with all that we are feeling, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, to embrace, fine tune and transcend through the Heart of Compassion and Love.

Further to this, through the lens of the world stage, the unfolding tragedy and the loss of life experienced through the Russian conflict with Ukraine as well as other countries that have experienced or still do experience the loss of human life, we grieve. As we hold the Flame of Compassion and Love through our Loving Hearts, we transmute all that is being experienced within and without, as old earth templates are dismantled and dissolved, and New Earth templates come online.

As we shift, align and program from deep within, where pure Love and kindness, respect and freedom exist, this Virgo Full Moon offers to us an opportunity of “healing”; of sitting with our pain and trauma, heartache, and loss, and releasing judgment and blame, as well as forgiving, should we need too, as the collective Goddess/Divine Mother.

As we move into the Equinox energies on March 20th, we find a renewed balance of trust and surrender, and a new rhythm and focus, as the Divine Mother and Divine Father merge ever deeper into a sacred re-union of hearts, to bring with it the next level birthing of Collective Christed Consciousness, amplified through the Master Number of 11 (03-20-2022).

Join us beloved hearts for this Virgo Full Moon transmission as we experience the Flame of Compassion and Love through our Loving Hearts, and through the Unity Grid as we clear distortions within and without and activate this Holy Flame into the hearts of every man, woman and child upon this sacred earth, as the Light of God We Are, as these sacred Flames of Divinity and New Earth Avatars.

And so it is, and so it shall be.

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